Tuesday, June 17, 2008

St. George

Garrett and I went with part of my family to St. George over the weekend. We drove down Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. It was so nice and warm! We swam, shopped, ate too much and went to a Tuacahn play (the purpose of the trip). It was a fun lil trip!

Almost everyone that came on the trip (but preggie Brandi and kids)
on the bumper boats at Fiesta Fun! We got soaked!
Brody and Lexi (cousins), Brody is such a "big brother" to her
Travis and Garrett have been wanting to have a kava drinking party forever! Garrett finally got the kava so this is what we did after the Fiesta Fun activities on Friday...
Here they go!
Yum! Tastes like dirt!
Colby has moments where he just loves his Uncle Garrett soo much,
he was attached at his hip all afternoon on Saturday...
Colby wanted a picture with Lexi but Lexi didn't...

Me and G at the Tuacahn play!
At Ihop with the fam for breakfast on Fathers Day!
I look drunk... (must be all cronked up from the kava still..) ;)
Happy Fathers day to all you daddies!
Garrett is going to be such a good daddy, I'm excited to watch him enteract with our kids!
We are so grateful for all the great fathers in our life and the examples they have given us. Thank you, we love you!


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