Monday, June 2, 2008

Anniversary and Memorial Day Weekend!

We made it a full year and are still going strong! I have the best husband in the world, thanks for all you do sweetie!
Here are some pictures of our weekend. We didn't have the most romantic Anniversary because we were staying at East Canyon with my family and sleeping in our Durango... It was fun though! We did go out to dinner before we headed up there at Jasmine, a chinese restaurant by our apartment.

We watched our wedding video in our Durango before going to bed
1 year old wedding cake! It was actually really good, my mom wrapped it all crazy like so it didn't go bad! We didn't eat it all though and figured we wouldn't so had to throw away the leftovers...
Nummy treats Garrett brought us!
Garrett caught this sheep on our lil fishing trip! The kids loved it!
Me "fishing" and kicking back with some diet coke! Too bad it wasn't warmer...


Janae Bedke said...

Ha I don't know why, but I am cracking up right now at your "fishing" picture!!! Ha oh wish I could have been there! Cute pics girl!!! Happy Anniversary!