Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snowshoeing with the Johnsons!

We took Lacy and Chad snowshoeing for their first time, we had a lot of fun! Chad wants to make it a "trad". ;) We might buy him some snow pants for next time though...

Catchin' Up!

I just uploaded some pictures (better late than never) but didn't get a chance to write much. I graduated from the SLCC Interior Design Program in December. I am still working at Davis Security, but looking for an Interior Design Intern or Job (tough market around here!). I am working full time here but work extra Monday through Thursday so I can keep Friday afternoons open for interviews, helping my sister with her new house and life in general. I am also helping Garrett with his history class, he switched to an online class luckily and decreased his homework time by half! I expected to have much more free time now that Garrett is in school (I was planning on getting back into scrapbooking) but in between doing history homework, working (yup, I'm G's suga mama), doing design and all the other things that life brings on, I stay pretty busy. When Garrett is busy doing homework (and I'm not), I keep myself busy by reading!! I guess I could use that time to start scrapbooking but it's hard to pull me away from my books!

Garrett is staying very busy with school and work! He was lucky that his work (Salt Lake General Contractors) let him work part time during school. He still works plenty though, he goes in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school and works full days the rest the week and does extra hours whenever he can. He is doing very well with managing his school, work and me! ;) We take turns cleaning each week and share in most other responsibilities as well. He doesn't like history and I love it so I'm glad I could help him with that. However, he does love his Biology! Apparently the majority of the people who take the Biology he is in now have to take it 3 or 4 times to pass, some never do and end up switching their majors! Garrett is doing so well with it though! I don't know how he does it! For those of you that don't know, Garrett is working towards being a Physical Therapist. We have a long road ahead, about 5 years!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our First Married Christmas!

Our Christmas "piles"!

We had a few friends over for a lil get together while they were on Christmas Break

Garrett storytelling...
Enrichment night with Janae and Lacy (and Chad and Garrett), none of it was planned but it was a fun night!
We were kind of making fun of ourselves and calling it an "Enrichment"...

Our Christmas Tree!
Seeing the lights with the Halligans

We babysat Cooper one night and decided to make Gingerbread Houses, he had more fun eating the candy I think!


I surprised Garrett and took him to the Browns cabin for his birthday, we went sledding!

We decorated each others cakes...
Birthday party with the fam at our apartment, it was a little cramped but worked well!
The kids had a little "playroom" in the hallway...
Mason, G and Caleb at our birthday party
Flowers Garrett gave me for my birthday!
Me and Garrett carrying in our birthday cakes... :)

Camping in our living room!

I told Garrett to plan a date that was what he wanted to do, so he planned on making a bonfire in the woods, etc. Then it rained and he was bummed so I told him we could set our tent up in our living room and have a "campout". It was fun! We made hot dogs and used a lantern, etc. We slept in it a few nights!