Friday, July 31, 2009

Fishin' at Silver Lake

Last night we went fishin' at Silver Lake with our friends Joel and Seena. It was pretty cold and we didn't bring jackets (forgetting how cold it gets in the mountains) so me and Seena didn't really end up fishin but it was still fun! Carson was all bundled up and was smilin' and gurgling the whole time. Before we went, I got a surprise from Garrett!Since I caught my first fish the other weekend, I guess I deserved my very own fishing poll! I also got some fishing chapstick, a cute card and this super cute frame that he thought of and created all by himself! Inside it is a pic of my first fish (too bad it's not a cuter pic of me ha oh well). I asked him how he thought to add those things on the frame and he said it's because he married a designer, I've never done anything like that though!

Carson was nice enough to share his blanket with me
This was hilarious, watching a big guy like this scared of touching the worms...
We found out his wife usually takes care of all the creepy crawly things for him!

This picture is so dang cute! He was being such a sweetie!

After fishing, Garrett watched some of his hunting dvd I got him and I practiced tying fishing knots. Thanks babe, you're great, now I can be a fisherman just like you! Now I just need a caboodle like he has... or a tackle box, whatever... ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What I wake up to...

Carson wakes up with the sweetest smiles, LOVE THEM!

He looks so buff in this pic ha

Quick post

Jacobson annual party, Safari theme.

He usually prefers to stare at me instead of his toys, silly boy...
He's so smiley now, it's so fun!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a lil this and that...

Garrett and our new nephew, Scout David Jacobson. Born on 7-7-09
(exactly 2 months younger than Carson)

Carson and Scout, I thought Carson was still a newborn until I met Scout!

All the baby boys (Hunter, Carson and Scout) have these matching camo pjs that Trav and Brandi got us, we need to get a pic of them all together!

I just realized I made it sound like we didn't have Carson the entire weekend last weekend. Let me clarify, he was only babysat for the canoeing on Saturday. I wish I had my camera because he was soo cute at the aquarium, loved looking around at everything and his eyes would get all big and bug eyed, it was super cute. He was great through the drive in too, he usually goes to bed around 9 and so we had him in his jammies and everything before and made a lil bed for him, he was soo good, took him longer to fall asleep but he finally did and stayed asleep for the rest the night, although he did get startled a few times during the loud parts of the movies. We are definitely lucky to have such a good baby, makes taking him places and getting him babysat so much easier!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our weekend!

We had a pretty eventful weekend! Garrett had Friday off so he could take care of some school stuff. He surprised me and we went to the Living Planet Aquarium with two of his buddies Tyson and Nick from Tooele and Tysons daughter, Camry. Of course, it was a blast! Then we hung out for a few hours in the afternoon, I worked while Garrett took care of some stuff and then...

We went to a drive in! I love the drive in but don't go very much anymore, this was the first time this summer. We got Cafe Rio to go and ate it at the drive in, Caleb and Paige met us there. We saw Harry Potter 6 and Transformers. Loved it! (sorry, been horrible at taking pictures lately...) Not going to lie though, it was a little tough getting home after 2am, that used to be a cake walk!

Saturday, we took Carson to my sisters house and we went canoeing/fishing with Paige and Caleb, Paige's lil sis and Mason.

I caught the first fish of the day and my first fish ever! Caleb caught one too and of course G caught a handful including his first Wallleye.

We definitely had a few adventures getting home but finally made it back without getting arrested or hit by any cars but were burnt and exhausted...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Pirates Life For Me!

Every year, we have a Hooligan Rendezvous at Garrett's parents house for a weekend. We slept in tents this year because of the grass hopper infestation in Tooele. Carson was great for his first "camping" trip. This year was a Pirate theme, we truly are pirates so it was great! The adults get more into the theme than the kids so its great fun for everyone!

The scavenger hunt, (this is what we had to plan). We did one where you drive around, I found it online and it ended up being pretty fun! We had 2 teams and met back at Carls where we mostly bought and bartered for their lunch.

Medium Pirate (she didn't want to be little pirate or anything...)
Works out good though since Carson was the lil Pirate!

The obstacle course, thats right: I won, not Garrett, ME!
And in true pirate fashion, I cheated (but only once).
G at the obstacle course
One legged salty wenches.
I need to get some of the guys pics from Diane and I'll post those.

Big Booty (yes I came up with that myself...dont know why), Captain Skull and the wee lil Pirate

Lil mans bed

All bundled up

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dreading Sunday!

We have to speak in church on Sunday, ugh I'm scared to death! I hate this stuff, the older I get the more it scares me! We were fortunate to sneak by without speaking in our last ward and were hoping for the best here but not so lucky I guess... I haven't spoken since I was a youth speaker! I plan on staying up there as long as I last and letting G fill in the rest the time, hee hee. He's so good at this stuff though! Wish me luck...

Carsons 2 month stats!

We had the lil mans 2 month appointment last night. Sometimes I can't believe its been 2 months and other times I think "wow, it's only been 2 months?" We are loving every new phase with our lil man, especially now that he smiles so much! I hate and love to say it but we are so lucky, he is kind of the perfect baby. Yes he does cry sometimes and can be a pill but most the time, he's perfect. As of last week, he sleeps 10 hours every night, goes to sleep on his own, doesnt wake up til about 8 am, its great! We just moved him into his crib last night too and he did great, we missed him though! I'm scared to have another one! Hope I don't jinx us with this post! Thought I better do a post with some info, usually I just upload a few pics and call it good since I'm usually posting one handed while feeding lil man (still feeding him now but being trickier). He got a new cousin yesterday, Scout Jacobson (congrats Shane and Nikki!). I thought I still had a newborn but after holding Scout, I'm amazed at how fast this lil man is growing! I already miss his first weeks! Seems like he jumped through the newborn phase... Here's his stats at almost 9 weeks:
12 lbs, 59%
25" long, 101% (he's soooo dang long!!)
Doc says he's developmentally about 3 months, he loves to look at everything! Also, he's eating about 2 oz more than his age so I'm glad to know we're feeding him more than enough!

As for us, we're just enjoying where were at now! Taking care of lil man is keeping me busy but working from home as well is keeping me beyond busy but I just try to remember how lucky I am to be able to do that and to not stress about doing everything because there is never enough time in a day to get all that I want to done. Garrett loves playing with lil man and Carsons face lights up whenever he's around, he keeps his eyes on him all the time! Garrett is super busy with work too, more often than not, he goes in early at about 5 am and doesnt get home til 5 or sometimes 6 or 7 and then still tries to muster up enough energy to play with us at night, I don't know how he does it!

Ya know how parents always have goofy nicknames for their kids? We now have nicknames for him that probably sound so weird to other people but so normal to us...
Bugs and Lil man are our favorites and now I can't remember any others but I'm sure theres more!

I was just watching some videos of Carson I'd made (just from our camera, don't have a video camera) and he was fascinated with them and loves watching them I guess but then he started looking at me weird like he couldnt figure out why my voice was coming from the computer when I was on his other side, it was so cute!

Garrett LOVES reading his fishing magazines to Carson and Carson loves it too!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 months old!

4th of July

Carson is 2 months today! Carson got a good birthday present today, he got a new cousin, we get to see him tonight!