Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Years

Finally, New Years! Ha and you all thought you were slow... I was going to do a lil replay of 2009 but this is going to be as good as it gets...

We went out to Wingers for dinner with some friends and then went to our house and chilled for a bit. We were with a preggo lady and the other two couples had newborns so everyone left by 8:30. Me and G stayed up to party though and another couple ended up stopping by right around midnight so we celebrated with them for a while!

Our late night partiers... ;)

Part of the early night partiers! :) Carson LOVED seeing the cute lil babies!!

The preggers...

Proud Daddies!

Caleb and Paige's Wedding!

Garretts brother got married December 30th (yaya I'm slow). It was a busy but great day! Poor Paige was freezing taking pictures at the temple though... All the Halligans (including bride and groom) went out to eat at Blue Iguana after, then rushed to the reception. Congrats guys!

Oh and I hate blogger right now, this took forever and of course the pics are always backwards unless I think about in what order I upload them all much too seriously, so you can figure it out I imagine... :)

Look at Garretts face in this one and then Carsons face below...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Garretts Birthday!!

I threw a surprise party for Garrett at Ruby River. It was a success, he was surprised! Thanks to everyone who came and/or helped!! I think my sister got pics of the actual surprise but I don't have them yet so here's some pics of the day!

We had quite a crowd there, thanks everyone!

After, Shane and Nikki watched Carson and me and Garrett went to a movie and then the mall for a bit.

Happy Birthday babe! I love you! Thanks for being such an amazing hubby and daddy!


We had a great Christmas! We had a Halligan extended family party on Christmas Eve, we leave that early to go late to my fams Christmas Eve party. Then we went home and read a christmas story and open our pjs. Carson didn't wake up til 9 Christmas morning, Garrett was dying, he had been waking up every couple hours (he's such a little kid, I love it!), he was trying to convince me that we should go start opening presents before Carson woke up when we heard Carson awake! Garrett got him super fast and was ready to go ha. We had fun opening all our presents with Carson, I think he did too and got excited about some of his new toys, although he didnt really know what was going on of course. We had a lazy Christmas day at home, it was great! My parents came by to visit for a little bit but other than that we hung out watching movies, eating junk and played with our new stuff ha. Garrett got a float tube and ice fishing rod, fishing movie, fishing rod and reel cover, fishing rod holder, transformers (finally something not fishing related ;) ). He got me a pink fishing caboodle ;), which I had to decorate and now it is fabulous! Along with many other goodies, snuggie (ha i cant believe I have a snuggie), hot chocolate maker, shoes, Cary Grant movie, digital photo key chain, nail polisher... Carson got some toys, books, clothes... It was a great Christmas! The day after was spent sledding/snowboarding at Halligans farm with their 4wheeler and then onto a movie and dinner with my family.

These are a little out of order, Christmas morning:

Christmas Eve:

All the Jacobson cousins

Christmas morning:

My fishing caboodle (or tackle box as G would say)

Day after Christmas at Halligans:

My sister found him this awesome Rocky shirt, I love it!

My freshman year roommates. We had a little reunion.

Decorations for Paige and Calebs wedding dinner, I didn't take very good pics...

We went to see the lights with Garretts buddy, Tyson and his daughter Camry