Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Couple Tag...
I just thought this tag looked fun! :)
How long have you been together? We just had our one year anniversary so we have been married a lil over a year! We met at a Crimson Nights party at the U in April a year before we got married (so a little over 2 years). He was standing in the snow cone line and was STARING at me, so I hit on him!
Who kissed who first? Well, it was kind of a mutual effort, I knew he was going to and so we both kind of went in, ha it was in front of my x-boy friends house! kind of funny...
Who eats more? hmmm, we eat about the same sadly. I think about eating more often (he never thinks he's hungry but he really is) but when we do eat, he always has more on his plate than I do...
Who is taller? Garrett is like 5'10-11" and I'm 5'8"
Who is more sensitive? depends... usually Garrett but I'm getting more and more sensitive and I definitely have my "girl moments".
Who does the laundry? We both do, Garrett tends to do it more often because he runs out of clothes faster and I could go a long time without doing laundry! He's pickier with it than I am too...
Who cooks? Both of us, if we're both home; we do it together. If one of us is home first, then that one will usually do it.
Who drives when you two are together? Both again! We switch off with whoever feels like driving. If we're in a hurry, I usually drive... :)
Who is more stubborn? Hmmm, tough call. It depends on what it is but we are both pretty flexible with most things! I can't think of anything one of us wouldn't bend on if it meant a lot to the other... He is probably a bit more stubborn when it comes to things outside our marriage.
Who has more siblings? I do; I have 1 sis and 3 bros, all married. G has 3 brothers, 1 married.
Who is more daring? Garrett! He always is great at everything he trys too! I get less daring the older I get... :( With me it just depends what it is and what mood I'm in! If I don't want to do it though, I dont usually do it now a days. Oh and if it's something that I have to trust myself, I'm much less daring. G is opposite.

I tag: Marissa, Jamie, Lacy, Julie and Brandi!