Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun stuff we've been doing!

Memorial Day at East Canyon

Indoor Picnic

Went out of town for our 3rd anniversary to the Browns Cabin, thanks guys!

"Hike"/picnic in the mountains!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Carson turned 1!

While I'm on a roll and staying up way later than I should, I figured I'd finally post about my lil man turning 1. He turned 1 on May 7th! Yikes, he's turning into a toddler (or is one?)! I love seeing him grow but it happens too fast! I took him to the zoo with my mom and sis in law + kiddos on his bday and Garrett and I took him to Ihop that night, which he loved and devoured the majority of his kids meal (lol the only time we've bought him his own food at a restaurant).

This is what most of our pictures of him look like now, a blurr...

He got his owie on his bday, freak accident in the car with an ice scraper while I changed his bum (he didn't even fall so don't ask me how he managed it!)
Walk down memory lane (backwards apparently, someone smarter should have set up blogger easier/quicker to use)...
9 months

6 months

4 months

2 months

So fresh and so new... It's fun to see him grow but it's sad looking at his newborn pics and knowing he will never ever be that little again and everyday he changes and doesn't go back... Something every mom probably always battles with!

The next day after his birthday, he had his big birthday bash, which of course was a perfect day except for when we were rushing to set it all up and it got extremely windy and then lasted through the majority of the party before it was perfectly still. I know it could have been worse but I was about ready to kill the wind at first but luckily I had lots of help and except for 3 of his balloons escaping out of the car, it was a success! He ate his whole piece of cake and another half and loved all the attention!

I can't brag about making this awesome cake but I can brag about having awesome enough friends who made it for Carson and helping with some ideas(?)! Thanks again Angie & Kyle!

Mason left on his mission a few day after this, we'll miss you Mase! He is such a good uncle (& babysitter lol).

What a happy lil birthday boy!

Blogging Schmogging

It's been 2 months since my last post, I guess that makes me one of those inactive bloggers...

I was catching up on everyones blog tonight (it's been at least a month or so) and realized that it just makes me depressed. Everyone always has inspiring stuff to say or something cool they did or made to brag about. I feel like all I do is work and squeeze in taking care of Carson, small house stuff and family time with my boys. There's no time for projects or cooking or even extra time to seriously work on getting rid of the last few pounds of baby weight (which it seems like everyone else seems to lose in a blink of an eye). When I do have time I'm just too dang exhausted and wore out to do anything extra and usually I don't have time, it's more like I am not doing what I should be because I'm worn out. Anyways, those are my thoughts tonight, you all need to stop being so motivated. I guess I just need more time in the day so I can be a super mom like everyone else! Sigh...

It's mostly been the last few months or so, I intended to blog all about the changes at my work but... well that never happened. I used to work from home but ever since the word MERGE (gasp) was mentioned, my life has been a whirlwind of balancing work and home and going into the office against my will but liking it but wanting to be home more and feeling like a bad mom and wife because that's what gets neglected when work gets crazy. It has been one drama after another and things haven't slown down long enough for me to feel like I'm not running a marathon at work all the time. I work 2-3 days in the office and then at home some as well. I'm the office manager at Davis Security which merged with Metro Protective Agency. Eventually they would like me to be full time at the office, with my own fancy office, doing all the financials, etc. for both companies. Awesome, right?! Yes, I love my job (most the time) and feel important (most the time lol) and talking to people all day and doing what I do and my days at the office go by really quick except I'M A MOM and that changes EVERYTHING. It's so hard to balance the two, I love doing both and am having a hard time not neglecting one or the other and it really is so overwhelming sometimes! I really can't complain about it though and I'm not, its a good job and my schedule isn't too bad, I get paid well and they are being flexible by not making me work in the office every day. I know many moms have it much worse, work full time in the office or being a single mom in general so I don't know why it is so hard for me sometimes to find this balance! Part of the problem is part of me has always wanted to be a career woman, I wasn't going to get married, or at least not for a while but things changed (for the better) and I always knew that getting married and having kids was more important and its what I would eventually do (while working of course, which worked out better in my mind). Now it's hard to keep a career but still be the mom I'd like to be, I don't want to miss out on Carson's daily little things and having others take care of him all day (they do an awesome job though and are helping us tons, thanks guys!) and I don't like that it's easier to leave Carson and go to the office now then it was the first week. I don't like that somedays when I'm at home, I wish I was at the office and I don't like it that I feel like I'm only doing half a job as a mom. Don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to work while having kids and everything but I just can't find the balance I need...

Since everyone always posts their cool projects... here is what I do, so neener neener lol

Monday, March 22, 2010


All we had to do was bribe our neighbors with some Cafe Rio and they slaved away at our WT yard all morning... Angie and Kyle are quite the lil workers, thanks guys, youre awesome!

Our little observer...

Wee lil Leprachauns

Yummy, green waffles! Unnaturally green food doesn't look very appetizing at all but it sure tasted good!

He really is Irish too, wish I was!

My lil Irish Leprachauns lol

The lil crawler aka Carszilla

Friday, February 19, 2010


I was going to do a post with the pics I just uploaded but they'd pretty much be the exact same pics I just put on Facebook and I hate it when I duplicate the two too much, so since I think everyone I know almost is on Facebook, please refer to my pictures there for this post! :)

Valentines was good! On Saturday, my mom watched Carson while me and Garrett saw Dear John and ate at Outback (from a gift card from Christmas, awesome!) and then we went with some friends in our ward to our stakes 50s themed dance. Our friend, Rachel, is the activities coordinator so that was probably my biggest motivation for going and it ended up being fun! I havent been to a stake dance since middle school though so felt a little funny. We sure know how to have a good time wherever though! So we all went as the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, everyone there loved us of course! lol Then we continued the party at our place after til the wee hours of the morning (felt like it the next day at least). Sunday, I cooked Garrett an awesome Breakfast with sausage omelettes (we boil them, AMAZING) and hashbrowns. Carson was way sick so Garrett stayed home with him and I went and taught my primary lesson. Then I cooked him a replica of our Outback meal the day before (when I planned it I hadn't planned on going out to a steak house the same weekend), I make a pretty great steak considering I don't really care for it or Garrett just says that so I make it for him again ha. It was my year to plan Valentines day so no it isn't just a one way street all the time lol. He got me some awesome CG (cary grant) movies along with Rock Hudson ones (collecting both now). I got him some fishing stuff (very romantic) and I spread "100 Reasons I Love You" all over the house that he loved finding and still hasnt found some. Carson got a lil stuffed puppy. So that's that! Other than the fun stuff, we are cursing the tax man and Gs work for claiming a freaking 4 on our taxes so we owe the government, how infuriating is that?! We were REALLY hoping for enough money back to pay off a couple things and do some improvents on our yard. Its a real bummer when you not only find out you wont get that but that you owe money you don't have... blah. I've got some interesting things going on at my work as well but its too long of a story to blog about yet and its not necessarily public yet. So were hanging in there and still happy and doing great! Since I ended up doing a full post, I'll add a few pics for those of you who don't want to look at Facebook. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When the boys are away, the girls will play!

This is from the beginning of January but thought I'd post them anyways. We had a girls night with the Halligan girls, chinese food and pampering, whats better than that?!

My baby is 9 months!

We went to the park the other Saturday, Carson had a blast!

I cant believe Carson is already 9 months! He has 6 teeth, weighs about 26 lbs and is 31" long. He is so playful, I love it! He loves kids and being around people, which is really unusual for an only child. He flirts with anyone and gets so excited at the littlest things. He is such a tease lately and makes a game out of everything, I don't know how I'll ever really discipline him. Hes a little sick right now, has a mild case of rsv and a little ear infection but he's still a happy boy, cries a lil more than usual, is a little quieter and sleeps a lil more disrupted but still knows how to party! We love this lil guy and are enjoying this age!