Thursday, June 19, 2008

My new job and Garrett's math class

Well everyone keeps asking about my new job so I figured I'd tell ya what I know so far! I started Wednesday. I need it for my intern credit at school but also want to get into the design field. It's called Bedrosians Tile and Stone and I'll be working there every Wednesday, Friday and every other Saturday (not excited about working Saturdays), I won't be online at all so that is why (I'll be working at Davis all the other days during the week). I will be working in the showroom. They just opened the showroom part so if you had been there a while ago when it was a mess (they were working out of the warehouse), you need to check it out now. It really is an awesome showroom and they have a lot displayed in actual vignettes. It's over on 3300 S. 900 W., they have about 30 locations but that is the only one in Utah. The first day went good, it was typical for starting a new job; a little uncomfortable and lots of information. I will have to get used to working on my feet all day again, I've gotten lazy working in an office full time! If any of you have switched to an office job to an active job, you now what I mean. Your feet kill by the end of the day (more so than when you are used to working the "on your feet" job)! Walking on hard flooring all day probably doesn't help either! ;) It's a little weird for me so far going from having my own office and managing my own work to going back to a job where I am more managed and work Saturdays... ;) But I'm not complaining because it is a good starter job for design and pays much better than almost all other showroom jobs I know of. I do have my own "desk" and computer (out front, next to the other showroom people) so I do get to sit sometimes so that's good! My basic job is showroom sales; assisting customers with products and helping them with their design, showing them the slab yard, doing samples, submitting their order and of course a lot of other tasks. So I don't really know what else to say about it, I tried to give details so hope thats everything! I really like it so far!

Other updates: Garrett started his Math 1050 class and it's no fun, especially since he hasn't taken any math for about 5 years and skipped 1010...! He has a test about every 2 weeks or less that have about 180 or so problems (almost all of them are a different concept too, not just repetitive) that he needs to do prior for his homework, he is in the "quick" class that is 2 months long instead of 4. He's still working full time and we went out of town the weekend before his test (didn't know about it very much in advance) so he's been trying to cram it all out in the last week. He does well with it but it just takes so much time! He was supposed to take his test Tuesday but wasn't nearly ready so he is taking it tonight and he's still trying to finish up in between work today... Poor boy! I'm so proud of him for all of the determination and hard work he puts into his schooling! Even probably his least favorite class ever! I hate seeing him work on it so hard and for so long and still have so many problems left! Well see after this test if he is going to try to take this class another time, he has a foreign teacher and the whole class is having a hard time with him and many have dropped out already.

So those aren't the funnest posts or most interesting posts but that's what's new right now...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

St. George

Garrett and I went with part of my family to St. George over the weekend. We drove down Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. It was so nice and warm! We swam, shopped, ate too much and went to a Tuacahn play (the purpose of the trip). It was a fun lil trip!

Almost everyone that came on the trip (but preggie Brandi and kids)
on the bumper boats at Fiesta Fun! We got soaked!
Brody and Lexi (cousins), Brody is such a "big brother" to her
Travis and Garrett have been wanting to have a kava drinking party forever! Garrett finally got the kava so this is what we did after the Fiesta Fun activities on Friday...
Here they go!
Yum! Tastes like dirt!
Colby has moments where he just loves his Uncle Garrett soo much,
he was attached at his hip all afternoon on Saturday...
Colby wanted a picture with Lexi but Lexi didn't...

Me and G at the Tuacahn play!
At Ihop with the fam for breakfast on Fathers Day!
I look drunk... (must be all cronked up from the kava still..) ;)
Happy Fathers day to all you daddies!
Garrett is going to be such a good daddy, I'm excited to watch him enteract with our kids!
We are so grateful for all the great fathers in our life and the examples they have given us. Thank you, we love you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Design Blog

Most of you probably don't know that I have an Interior Design blog. I am not very good at posting on it, I would like to more but I need feedback and interaction to help me. So check it out, I just put up a post that I would love you to make comments about. I know many of you are little designers yourself! Here's the link:

I'd like suggestions for things that I could post about too (painting, wall hanging, supplies, etc.), I'm not an expert but it is my passion!



OK, so I may be venting a little here but I think many of you will agree with the ridiculousness of what I saw on my way to work this morning. I looked to my right and there was a lady driving with her seven year old son and she was smoking her little heart out, that was my first complaint about her... Then I noticed her son was in the front seat with her, my second complaint about her, although a little less vulgar complaint. Then I notice he is standing up right by the dash, that's when I lost it. How hard is it to put your son in the back seat, let alone in a seat belt?! Hello, hasn't she heard that "seatbelts save lives"! I'm not the best at wearing my seat belt sometimes (I try and usually do though) but when it comes to kids, how is that something you'd think twice about? It's not like she didn't notice since he was standing and moving around all over... I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that I think that smoking can be a very selfish thing and I respect the ones that quit for others sake. (I also respect the smokers who go into the parking lot to smoke instead of smoking right by our apartment window, I don't respect the ones that smoke by our window). I have absolutely NO RESPECT for someone who smokes around children, especially yours! If you can't stop smoking, rise above it and keep it from your kids, go outside, etc. The worst is when a pregnant woman is smoking, but it's about the same thing to smoke around your kids in my opinion. Your kid didn't make the decision to smoke like you did so don't force your lung cancer on them! Ok, I just had to get that out...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Couple Tag...
I just thought this tag looked fun! :)
How long have you been together? We just had our one year anniversary so we have been married a lil over a year! We met at a Crimson Nights party at the U in April a year before we got married (so a little over 2 years). He was standing in the snow cone line and was STARING at me, so I hit on him!
Who kissed who first? Well, it was kind of a mutual effort, I knew he was going to and so we both kind of went in, ha it was in front of my x-boy friends house! kind of funny...
Who eats more? hmmm, we eat about the same sadly. I think about eating more often (he never thinks he's hungry but he really is) but when we do eat, he always has more on his plate than I do...
Who is taller? Garrett is like 5'10-11" and I'm 5'8"
Who is more sensitive? depends... usually Garrett but I'm getting more and more sensitive and I definitely have my "girl moments".
Who does the laundry? We both do, Garrett tends to do it more often because he runs out of clothes faster and I could go a long time without doing laundry! He's pickier with it than I am too...
Who cooks? Both of us, if we're both home; we do it together. If one of us is home first, then that one will usually do it.
Who drives when you two are together? Both again! We switch off with whoever feels like driving. If we're in a hurry, I usually drive... :)
Who is more stubborn? Hmmm, tough call. It depends on what it is but we are both pretty flexible with most things! I can't think of anything one of us wouldn't bend on if it meant a lot to the other... He is probably a bit more stubborn when it comes to things outside our marriage.
Who has more siblings? I do; I have 1 sis and 3 bros, all married. G has 3 brothers, 1 married.
Who is more daring? Garrett! He always is great at everything he trys too! I get less daring the older I get... :( With me it just depends what it is and what mood I'm in! If I don't want to do it though, I dont usually do it now a days. Oh and if it's something that I have to trust myself, I'm much less daring. G is opposite.

I tag: Marissa, Jamie, Lacy, Julie and Brandi!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Garrett and I have enjoyed this last month with no school, no homework and having all of our nights together! We've stayed busy but it's been good! It's over now though... ;) Garrett is starting his math class tonight, he will have that every Tuesday and Thursday night until August. I finally got a new job! I am going to be starting at Bedrosian Tile doing showroom sales to fulfill my intern credit and to put my foot in the door of design again. I will be part time there and stay at Davis but work part time here too. I have to work every other Saturday at Bedrosians for 6 hours (when I interviewed it was only 4!), I'm kind of bummed about that but that is very typical for a showroom position and at least I don't have to work every one and I will get paid more here than at most other showrooms. They are offereing me $1-$2 more than they typically start people for this position because I have some "experience", so thats a good thing at least (even though it's still less than Davis)! I will be working more hours though, probably the typical 8 hours at Davis and Bedrosians every weekday but then every other Saturday I will work an additional 6 hours so that will be a good homework time for Garrett! I will be getting off an hour earlier on week nights now though so I'm excited about that now that it's summer! So there are the "details" of my job for all who asked! Other than the boring things like work and school... Garrett recently started playing indoor soccer again and I love watching him play! I just finished my last indoor soccer game last night for this season. I'm hoping the team decides to do another season since I'm just getting the hang of it (if any one wants to start a team, let me know)! I hurt my knee last night though, thinks it's just a bruise but it's just really swollen right now and doesn't bend as well. It just adds to all the cute raspberries I have on my knees! We are going to St. George next weekend with part of my family and are getting excited for that. That's all the news for now!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Aunt and Uncle times 12!

Me and Garrett have another addition to our nieces and nephews! Baby Madaline was born on Memorial day to Garretts brother and his wife, Sean and Diane. Congrats guys!! She's adorable! And such a light weight! :)

Anniversary and Memorial Day Weekend!

We made it a full year and are still going strong! I have the best husband in the world, thanks for all you do sweetie!
Here are some pictures of our weekend. We didn't have the most romantic Anniversary because we were staying at East Canyon with my family and sleeping in our Durango... It was fun though! We did go out to dinner before we headed up there at Jasmine, a chinese restaurant by our apartment.

We watched our wedding video in our Durango before going to bed
1 year old wedding cake! It was actually really good, my mom wrapped it all crazy like so it didn't go bad! We didn't eat it all though and figured we wouldn't so had to throw away the leftovers...
Nummy treats Garrett brought us!
Garrett caught this sheep on our lil fishing trip! The kids loved it!
Me "fishing" and kicking back with some diet coke! Too bad it wasn't warmer...