Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Brandi tagged me so I have to write 6 things people may not know about me.
1. I used to be pretty ghetto, almost always listened to hip hop in my 85 pacific sunbird and wore bandanas sometimes in high school. Found some pretty cool ways of getting away with free stuff like keeping my fast food cups and just going in and filling up with some Diet Coke until Carls Jr. told me I can't do that, who'd a thought. I also wished I was black and would talk like it a lot (for shizzle my nizzle, holla, etc.). Didn't grow out of some of that until I got the law firm job at Lundberg and it "refined" me :(.
2. I'm basically 8o. I love old movies (Cary Grant), doesn't matter if their black and white or not. I love Frank Sinatra music. I would love to go back in time and experience another decade (I also love history)!!
3. I took a ton of honors classes in middle school and was always on the honor roll. When high school came though I took what I needed and did well (sometimes on the honor roll) but mostly had a lot of fun and wouldn't have it any other way!
4. I was a cheer leader for a year in high school. It was lots of fun but I am definitely not the stereotypical cheer leader and have always (still do) made fun of cheer leaders a bit! We had some good times though and I loved stunting! I had to work a little extra on the fake smile part of it but by the time nationals came, I was doing pretty all right with it!
5. I love the outdoors! I didn't do a lot of camping in high school other than girls camp but I felt like I did, my family used to go when I was younger... Me and Garrett were able to do some back packing and over night camping this summer and it's so fun! We actually set our tent up last night in our living room and slept in it! We can't wait til we get place with a fireplace so we can roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We improvised last night and used our mini bbq for the hot dogs and our stove for the marshmallows. Those nights can be the most fun sometimes! Of course, we were a lot more "comfortable" last night with running water and we even watched some outdoor movies on the laptop but we tried to stay rugged by using our lantern and flash light for lighting!
6. I love to read! I'm a nerd, I can get so addicted. That's why sometimes I have to stay away from books. I try not to get into any books during school which sucks cuz it feels like I never read! Also, my hubby doesn't like sharing my attention with a book so that makes it difficult too! :)