Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Pics!

My friends little sister took our family pictures a couple weeks ago, she did a great job! Her blog is: if you're interested! Here's a lil sneak peek...

These were Carson's thoughts towards the end of the shoot...

Wow, I just uploaded a million pics, my bad...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friends, Fishin and freaks (as in scares)!

I have either way too much to say or nothing so I'm not going to think of anything because I need to work so I'm just going to put up a few pics so I can feel like I blogged! Enjoy... These are in complete random order.
Womens conference with the Hooligan gals, we went to the Blue Iguana after (I tok this with my cam phone, getting pretty pro at the self-taking pics).

Finally finished Carsons toy boxes during conference

Sleepy after eating lunch...
My boys!

5 months already!

Wearin' him out on the weekend as always...

Adult Halloween dinner party at our friends Jeremy and Camary's house!
Frankenstein and his bride, a pirate and his wench! Our team won the game so that'd be why we are all doing the same hand signal (minus Frankenstein, he's a little slow ;) ).

We watched 1408 after dinner and a game, it was so scary!

Garrett took two of my girlfriends fishing for their first time, they caught a couple and loved it!

Janae with her catch


Garrett borrowed our friend Aarons float tube and went fishing with his brother Sparky.

Catchin' a big one...


We went to Nighmare on 13th with our friends; Amy and Chris and Aaron and Tiffany (took pic with my cam phone). It gets scarier the older I am!

Livin' the thug life...

Baby Shower!

Me and my friend Janae threw a shower for Lacy a few weeks ago, heres some pics!

I had fun decorating for it!

My first diaper cake...