Friday, February 20, 2009

29 weeks

Here is an updated belly pic. I think some of my maternity clothes make me look extra big because this one is in a regular shirt (yes I still squeeze into some regular shirts) and I look smaller than my last belly pic, I think...

Lover day!

We had a great Valentines Day! This year was Garretts year to plan and he did great! It was chill but perfect...

We slept in and Garrett made us yummy crepes! Then we were going to go out to lunch later but we ate bfast too late and were too full so didn't end up doing that. After breakfast we exchanged our presents, got ready and went to RC Willey to look for some things well be buying soon maybe, then we went to Wal Mart because Garrett had to pick something up for later and I got a memory card for my phone. Then off to the movies to see Bride Wars! It was so good! We filled up on popcorn here so decided to skip the dinner Garrett was going to make us and just had toast... (he made his dinner Sunday though!) We then went home and Garrett did the best thing ever..... he made me creme brulee!!! It was so good! I LOVE creme brulee but it is hard to get, its not at most restaurants and the ones you can get it at are usually expensive. I'm always looking for a place with creme brulee but now I have a professional creme brulee maker at home! We then watched a movie Garrett rented for us and gave each other massages. It was soo great! Thanks babe, I love you!

My present from Garrett

Garretts present from me
(of course I had to cutsie it up with a theme and lil notes on everything...)

Random pics of us...

Garrett being a tough guy with his knife

Me just being fat and preggo
Of course these uploaded backwards. This is Garrett torching the creme brulee.

Making the creme brulee! Thanks babe!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This came off of Facebook but my friend posted it on her blog so I thought I would do. I'd love to see any one who hasn't already done it post about it! Oh and yes, this was really hard to think of 25 things but by the time I was done, I kept thinking of more so just do it!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

1. I am an organized (yes, not clean) freak. I often just make minor adjustments to pictures or what not when walking by without even noticing it. Sometimes I get up just to adjust something. My brother in laws thought itd be funny once to walk around our apartment and tweek everything while I wasn't home, I am pretty sure I found everything they tweeked pretty quick since everything is pretty much always in the same place at our place, but I walked around a bit just to make sure everything was back in order just in case. I can always tell when someone has used my office at work because of little things that were moved, like the phone, etc.

2. I love the Rocky Balboa movies and used to have "Rocky Fests" where we'd watch all 5 (now 6) in a row and box, etc. I needt o have another one soon because it's been too long!

3. I've gotten into a bad habit that probably nobody knows about but my husband and most would probably be surprised. When I see strings or lil pieces of paper on the floor at our place, I of course have to pick them up and most the time instead of throwing them away, I put them behind the couch or bed (depending on what I'm next to). I actually can't believe I do this but it's just one of those random things that I let myself do I guess. Now that I'm thinking about it, I am really bugged and want to move our furniture to vacuum behind them... :)

4. I hate having people in the kitchen when I'm trying to cook, I can handle Garrett and one other person usually but more than that and I feel super distracted and frustrated. I already have a hard time cooking when I'm not alone because I get so distracted.

5. On that same note, Garrett always laughs at me because I start doing other things while I'm cooking and then I always remember at the last minute (most the time, nothing gets burned!). So when we cook together, I start something and then start doing something else and G always finishes what I started even though I tell him to leave it alone. So when we're both in the kitchen, he usually does most of the cooking.

6. I rarely pre-heat the oven and don't think it's necessary, unless I happen to remember to, which is rare.

7. I hate cooking raw meat, I do it sometimes but Garrett cooks the majority of meat, partly because he likes to too.

8. Me and Garrett have never slept apart for more than 1 night and never because of an argument, always because he's out of town doing some camping thing or another. A couple times he has planned on being gone 2 nights but randomly came home early both times.

9. I love mexican food!! Cafe Rio of course and also Guadalahonkey's and La Puente, or any other one that is similar to those.

10. I like my diet coke in a glass with ice and a straw. We don't have an ice maker in our apartment and I used to empty the ice trays in a bin and re-fill the ice trays. I kind of got sick of doing that though and most of the time I just take out the ice cubes I need and put the tray back in, it drives Garrett nuts but luckily he doesn't use ice very much!

11. I can be really awkward with girls I don't know well (post high school problem) and usually get along better with guys. I was 1,000 times more nervous when I went to a girl sorority thing than I ever have been with talking to a group of guys by myself. Unfortunately, this hasn't cured now that I'm married but obviously I don't have very many guy friends anymore.

12. After I moved back from USU, I didn't have very many girl friends in Salt Lake and would go to parties by myself if no girlfriends could. Most my girl friends didn't really like parties anyways. I always knew guys at the parties but didn't want to go with them because I liked meeting new guys at parties. I loved it actually and would do a lot of the initial talking to the guys. I wouldn't have met G if I hadn't hit on him (it helped he was staring though!).

13. My lack of girlfriends in SLC :( attributed to parties I threw being called "sausage fests", ha it worked for me!!

14. I often can't sleep if I have a current Interior Design project on my mind, just for a family project or even just thinking of changes I'd like to make to the townhome were getting. I have to try really hard to not think about design most nights when going to bed or it takes me hours and I just want to get up and start working on it.

15. I hate waking up to an alarm and have the hardest time with it. I get all delirious most the time and automatically hit snooze for as long as possible. Especially work days because I'm not getting up for something I want to. I will re-arrange anything just to get another 5 or 10 minutes of sleep. Oh and some Saturdays I'm so excited I can sleep in that I end up waking up way too early... I hate that.

16. I still fantasize about my old Jeep Wrangler, it was the sexiest vehicle alive, seriously. I already want one again... I had more marriage proposals in that thing than I thought was possible. ha

17. I don't like typical mormon assumptions and have a hard time accepting Relief Society things and especially when people expect certain things just because you're a woman or a man. Like when people act like only husbands work or thats all that matters or that women only cook and not men. ha hate that stuff. I'm not saying either way is right or wrong, I'm fine with whatever people do for themselves but don't like when people assume one way or the other. Of course men and women are naturally better at certain things and thats where most of it comes from, I'm understanding that more and more but still have a hard time with it sometimes. Half of me always wanted to move to New York or something and have a big career and the other half of me knows other things are much more important, I've always battled with myself on this! Luckily, the selfish part of me didn't win or I would have missed out on a great hubby!

18. I was a cheerleader for a year in high school, even though I hated the cheerleader stereotype, I had a lot of fun doing it and wish I could do it as a hobby ha thatd be gay though.

19. I used to take a lot of naps and miss them! Wish I still could. Even if I have time some afternoons or evenings, I usually have too much on my mind still to sleep! We still get an occassional nap in on Sundays though but its not like my old 5 hour naps!

20. In high school I always had marks on my face from sleeping in my last class. I slept a ton in classes and could fall asleep just about anywhere...

21. In high school all my friends kept saying I wasn't going to walk at graduation because I had so many absences (I don't regret any of that!) and I didn't... I graduated in a wheel chair... ha long and embarrassing story!

22. I used to act like I was gangsta all the time. I'd talk like it and dress like it sometimes and basically everyone knew I was really black not white... Once I got my first office job years ago I started being more civilized unintentionally, bummer. I still like rap though!

23. My nickname in high school was Kitty. Weirdly enough, many people still call me that... I don't know how it stuck and don't even really know where it came from really.

24. I hate getting ready and do everything I can to minimize the time it takes, I don't wear a ton of make up and what I do wear is super easy and simple (I actually don't really know all the right ways for makeup so that may be part of me not wearing much of it, way too complicated!) and I only wash my hair and eyelashes once or twice a week (I still shower and wash my face of course!).

25. I'd like to own my own Interior Design business someday. I'm still too chicken now though!

Wow, that was embarrassing and waaay too much info I'm sure!!!!