Thursday, October 30, 2008

"I can't complain but sometimes I still do"

So I think that is a good phrase, I heard that on a song that I hear all the time on Arrow but never really noticed that little sentence and I love it! Wish I could tell you what the song is but I just don't know the name... :) So that is my new motto right now because it is so simple and yet so true, I have no right to complain about anything but I still do and will (and I know it's the same case for many of us)!

It's too late now!

I cut my hair... Yikes! Amy convinced me to do an A line too, I was nervous because I hadn't thought of that and it seemed so different but I was adventerous and I think I really like it! So far it took less than 2 minutes to fix... So nice!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting my hair cut...

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow night so if anyone thinks this is a horrible idea,
you better call me! ;)

This is after last time i cut it, both pictures weren't great so I found two... So picture this but maybe a little shorter, not dyed and with bangs for now ha.

This was prob my fav hairstyle, not the best picture I know but its what I could find. Our main pic is the same hair style too. It's dyed though and Garrett likes my natural hair color, I don't but it's less maintenance (but I miss my dyed hair!!)! Anyways, after I cut my hair last year, I just wanted this hair style back so bad and so I've been growing it out ever since but it probably just won't happen again since I stopped dying it and got bangs and just don't love whats going on now.

This is what I have now.

So vote on if I should still cut it and eventually, if I should leave the bangs or not... I'm going to leave them for now since I have them and see how I like it first. Oh and one reason why I want to cut it is because it's easier to deal with and my motivation for getting prettied up just isn't there...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cute pic

My sister in law, Brandi, just posted this pic on her blog, a lot of other cute ones too of our sweet nieces and nephews but I'm just making a quick post. I thought this picture was funny and Hunter looks soo sweet all bundled up with us all asleep. This was at our cabin over general conference weekend. Keep in mind we were at our cabin and I don't really do much in the way of getting ready there.

I love Hunters chubby lil cheeks!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family blogs

So I'm always looking at blogs that are about something I'm interested in and know many of you do too. My family has become quite the bloggers and developed quite a few "special interest" blogs that are really fun to read, all of the links are on the right side of my blog, under Business Blogs and Websites to Check Out. They're easy to check out but I think people don't usually click on links unless they're blog stalking (we all do it) or when they know what it is so I thought I'd just let ya'all know what some of them are in case they interest you! All of these blogs are for the public so don't feel like a creepy blog stalker if you comment, add it as a favorite or what not... :)

Addicted to Hunting: This is a blog that Garrett and all of my brothers and dad created. The name kind of says it all... They talk about anything hunting, post pictures, funny stories and good products. They have even designed a clothing line and you can buy those online! They have them for everyone, even kids and preggo moms!

Baby Specialist: This is one my sister in law, Brandi, created. It is so cute for all the mommies/soon to be mommies out there! She talks all about being a mom, the realistic parts of it. The theory is that all moms are baby specialists! She'll post funny stories about what her kids will do, important things you need to think about like different sicknesses and also has links to products! She loves feedback so go ahead and give your two cents!

K. Halligan Design: This is my Interior Design site for now but its kind of a work in progress. I'm working on getting a website set up and when that's done I will most likely get rid of this blog.

Preserve Our Pasture: This one is still in the process but is looking great so far! It's all about going green and how we can help the environment, I know I need to do more because I don't do anything and it's kind of scary to think of everything that goes to waste...

Realtor, Heather Robins: My sister is a Realtor so if you are looking into buying or selling, check out her blog or contact me and I can get you some information.This is a really good time to buy if you can!

Salt Lake Private Detectives: Two of my brothers are Private Detectives and created a blog just to talk about some of the interesting stories they have from serving papers to some interesting people, definitely check this one out for some laughs!

Shopping Specialist: This is another one by my sister in law, Brandi. Brandi loves to shop so she decided to create a blog all about shopping! Shell post products and have links for good deals. It's especially good for the busy moms that love shopping, online shopping is so much quicker! You can get such good deals online and for all us poor folk, its the smart way to buy!

Soccer Specialist: My brother is a HUGE soccer fan so this site is all about Soccer. Stories, products and tips!

Tim Jacobson Construction: My dad is a General Contractor, specializing in remodels, if you need some work done on your home, contact him for a free bid!

There you have it, check out whatever you want!

The Pie for Aarons Birthday

Since I mentioned we went to The Pie in my last post, I figured I'd post some pictures so you weren't all in suspense.. ;)

The crowd, Mindys hiding...
After dinner, we went to Aaron and Marissa's and had cake then jammed out to some music and talked about going midnight fishing all night but never went...
We're hard core partiers, what can I say! ;) It was a fun night!

Relief Society Retreat

While the girls had a Relief Society retreat, the boys had a fathers sons at the bishops ranch. Garrett and Aaron did some midnight fishing and some more fishing all day on Saturday... (I hate how the pictures upload backwards basically on here, I wrote and uploaded the RS one first....)

Midnight fishing

Me and Marissa often wonder when our husbands will leave us and run off together...

I went up with my ward to a ranch for the RS Retreat. The event was full of cuddling (couldn't keep Marissa off me and we knew our husbands would be all over each other at their father- sons thing ;) ), singing (refer to Marissa's blog for more on this), eating, games, kayaking, etc. It was pretty eventful and we got to get to know some of the "old but young in spirit" ladies better, they're party animals! For more pictures, please refer to Rachel ( or Marrissa's blog ( :) Oh and Marissa, can you e-mail me the pics we took on your cam? Ill send you the ones from the boys thing and the ones we took at The Pie last weekend.

Lil Kayakers!
Me and Marissa

We all missed Jocelyn and Dallin, who were too close to their due date to come but little Jaiden is definitely worth it!