Monday, August 31, 2009

Preparing for labor!

A bunch of my friends are pregnant right now and I remember wondering silly little things about what to pack for the hospital! My sister-in-law did a great post for me on her site, Baby Specialist that helped a ton. I just did a little different one on my site, Managing Mommys, hope they help all you preggers out there!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Post Preggo Bliss

You've just had a baby; you feel a sense of euphoria, you love the way it has changed you and you have accepted your new body and well life is just perfect! .....yeah right! Like Megan mentioned in a comment before, the period after you have a baby isn't really talked about and guess what, it's hard and it just plain sucks sometimes! So I want to talk about it! :) I think there is this idea out there that once your baby is here, everything is supposed to be wonderful, and why wouldn't it be? You have a sweet, innocent bundle of joy that many people, who maybe aren't as lucky, envy you for. Babies are a great blessing but there's a little bad mixed in with all that good. Plus everyone is always telling you to enjoy these times because they grow so fast, which is true, but that doesn't mean it is all smiles and giggles. There's a lot of poo, pee and spit up to deal with, let alone feeling like you're completely crazy because your emotions are worse than when you were pregnant, you might have a hard time breast feeding or choose not to and there's guilt with that because BREAST FEEDING IS BEST and then every time you turn around you feel like someone is JUDGING your parenting skills and evaluating what kind of a parent you will be. Oh and you've just realized those 30 to 60 pounds you've gained WASN'T all baby weight! You can't fit into any clothes, you feel too young to be a mom and even if you can find something to wear to go out and maybe even get a babysitter, well you just might not want to, either you're too tired or you just plain feel DEPRESSED and want to sit at home and do NOTHING (where's the spontanaeity?). Yes, I said DEPRESSED! Even if you don't have to deal with full on post-partum depression, I think every woman feels parts of it after having a baby. It could just be because youre down because you're frustrated or all of the hormones; nothing you do makes you feel any better and you find yourself staring at a blank wall for who knows how long and getting extremely frustrated every time your sweet baby cries or fusses. You're supposed to be this super mom you've always imagined right? But really most days you don't even want to get dressed, let alone shower... (or work on losing all that baby weight). Most of this has nothing to do with your baby, yes they can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you have a fussy baby but most of it is because you had the baby and even though the best thing you'll ever have came out of that and yeah it's WORTH IT, it's hard and it takes a while to feel normal and like yourself again. Also, I don't think I have gained back the 15% of brain cells I lost when I was pregnant... When does that come back? Or does it...?

A few weeks ago I felt like I had no girlfriends and that they were all just so different from me and I think part of me really wanted someone to talk to about it all because it's kind of a shock. But this last little bit I've realized how many AWESOME girlfriends I do have and how many are going through the same thing! I realized that I had isolated myself a little by not making an effort and so I started making more of an effort but mostly I just plain got lucky and have been able to hang out with many of them lately. I don't have 1 group where we always hangout and do everything together, I have a lot of different girlfriends; single, married, pregnant, married with kids, etc. and they all are great for different things. Some of them I talk to on a regular basis, some I don't see for years at a time, some I see once a year, some I only see at group gatherings, but I can talk to all of them and it's never awkward, I love it! Anyways, so lately I have talked to some of them who have had kids recently about different things and was so glad to know they had some of the exact same feelings and struggles! So thanks for listening, sorry I'm a little crazy! ;)

Oh and guess what, I was looking for an image that could maybe back up my theory here, I googled a few different mom and post pregnancy things and they are all showing off the euphoric feeling I talked about... What's so scary about being honest?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Am I missing out?

Carson is napping (love nap time, it could only be better if I were napping too), I'm working and getting distracted by blogging right now.

Does anyone else worry they don't get enough out of life? Not like "poor picked on me" attitude or anything, I feel super blessed but more like I don't take enough action to get everything out of life. I have issues with never wanting to miss out on anything, I have rarely ever been the one to go to bed first or say no to anything. Just wondering if anyone else is like that...? I feel like I have been wanting to be able to be able to work from home forever because I need that flexibility but now I feel like I don't take advantage of it enough or just get caught up in the routine of life and don't fully appreciate it. It was so hard sometimes going to an office everyday, especially in the summer and I love being home but feel like I don't enjoy it enough. Does this make any sense? I have serious issues in the summer because all winter I can't wait for summer and feel like I should do everything and be outside all the time but lately sometimes I'd just rather stay inside and work or something... Or even at night instead of going and doing something fun, I'd rather just stay home lately. We still do a lot of fun stuff, don't take me wrong and I'm sure next summer will be different because I won't be post preggo and Carson will want to be outside. It's also hard when I don't know anyone that lives by me though and most of my friends don't have any kids yet and are at work during the day. Plus I really do need to work but I can work at night sometimes too. I can't wait until he's a little older and wants to go to the zoo or the pool, etc. I LOVE this age too and am enjoying it though! Sorry for the random post, had a lot of random thoughts today! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just started taking a ton of pics when we went fishing ha it was fun

This was when we were trying to take the pole and he wouldnt let go...

Just chillin
These 2 pics could not be any funnier with his expressions...

Align Center
Lil budha

We both caught like 5 of these, I caught 2 with no bait ha.
I like fishin like that but Garrett prefers REAL fishin, not at stocked ponds...

Align CenterLil truckers
We love to smother him...

Daddys so fun!

I've got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Back to school, back to school...

It's Garretts first day at the U! Yes, I made him pose for a picture! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carsons giggles

I've never uploaded a video before so I kind of just wanted to try it out... Something happened to our video and it's all black and white except for the green parts, weird. Anyways, Carson was giggling so much when Garrett was playing with him, by the time I got the camera he wasn't doing it as much and he gets really distracted every time I bring out the camera and stops what he's doing but you can kinda catch it at the beginning.

Rain boots

Laughing at daddy
Contemplating life while still posing

His boots are on the wrong feet, hmmm wonder who did that

The only thing that would make these pics perfect (carson was definitely being the perfect model) was if it was a cute background, dangit.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More pics of the lil man!

What else is there to take pics of but this sweet boy? ;) I actually do keep wanting to take more pics of all of us but I usually forget or its just not as easy as just taking pics of him, he's always photogenic! ;)Every night we put him to bed the right way in his crib and every morning he ends up all the way at the top and in the completely other direction. It doesn't matter how far down we put him in his crib, he always ends up at the top!

I like this outfit, he looks like such a lil prep!
Most the time he would rather look at us than his toys so he hasn't been grabbing for toys too much yet, but today I put this one in his hand and he held onto it for quite a while and played with/sucked on it.
Love these feet!!
He's been holding his head up really good lately and can do it for quite a while. Not as long in his bumbo as when you're holding him though because he has a tendency to like to arch his back and look backwards so he'll just get short/monitored sits in this til he gets more used to it...

My boys

I know I already posted this picture of Garrett once before but the picture I took of Carson today looked almost identical so I had to do a real side by side comparison!
The one on the left is Carson, the one on the right is Garrett at about 1 year probably.