Friday, September 28, 2007

Interior Design

Hey everyone, I am currently on the lookout for something in the Interior Design field. I graduate from the SLCC Interior Design program in December. If you know of anything available or if you have any ideas or opportunities that can help me get started on my own I would appreciate it! Thanks! Also let me know if you like my logo or not... :)

New here...

Hey ya'all

I decided to create a blog even though we don't have kids yet. :) One reason is because I'm bored at work and because this could eventually be a pretty good way to keep in contact with everyone. I'm not sure what to say on here because it's just me and G and I don't know how interesting that can get for ya... :) I just added some pics so we can look cool. They are from our date night with some of the Halligans, we went bowling and it was super fun! Our second game, Garrett got the highest score and I came in second!!