Friday, November 13, 2009

Carsons 6 months!

Yikes, my baby is getting closer and closer to a little boy, in another 6 months he won't be much baby anymore...:( We had his 6 month check up yesterday and he is the size of the average 10 or 11 month old! He's a big boy (in case anybody didn't realize that already)! He is weighing in at 22 1/2 lbs and almost 30"! Still in the 100 percentile range. So there ya have it, no time for a big post but thought I'd just throw this out there.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


My friend Julie, from college, is trying to adopt. I am so happy for them that they are so close now to being able to adopt and can't wait to see them start their family soon. I believe in adoption strongly. I think a woman going through her pregnancy and pain only to give her baby to someone else to raise is one of the most selfless things a person can do. On the other hand, I believe a woman ending her pregnancy for her own selfish reasons is one of the most selfish things you can do. I also believe that being told you can't have children and moving on and deciding to adopt would be extremely hard but also shows how loving and selfless you are. Adoption has a very hearbreaking side to it and on the receiving end, a very happy beginning. This time, I am excited to be the audience for a happy beginning!

Lance and Julie are having an awesome giveaway to promote their adoption cause! (I didn't do this post for the giveaway by the way) Please take a minute to look at their adoption blog ( Then, make sure to enter their giveaway at The most successful way to adopt is word of mouth so please help them spread the word! Thanks!

Monday, November 2, 2009

3 posts in one day... I'm on a roll

I met some of my sisters at Gardner Village on Friday with the kiddos. Sadie, Lexi and Brody just love the lil babies, it's so cute!
Proof I was there.

Carson and Hunter. So far Hunter is the only baby (I guess lil boy almost) that Carson looks really little next to and he's almost a year older. Hunter is a big boy too!
All the cousins that were there.

Hunter is so fascinated with Carson sometimes, its adorable.

Random video:


We decorated cookies on Halloween, can you tell which ones I did and which ones Garrett did? (even though he tried to cut his out of the pic ha ha)
Im in an awkward position due to balancing the cookies and getting it all in the pic, apparently we were pretty proud of our work since we decided to take pics of cookies....?
These were our creations with the leftover dough.
Garretts is the one on the bottom right, no surprise there...

We were all pirates for Halloween! This is our lil Pirate (notice the chest hair...)!

Jacobson Halloween Party.
Carson was so comfy with his great grandma...

Carson and Scout

Lil Pirate and Pirate Wench

Arrrgh Matey

I just wear these boys out...

In true Pirate fashion. What do you do when theres not enough hands for all your loot?!

I decided I wanted to make a Halloween wreath the day before Halloween (got inspired via Google, love the internet). My mom actually had a bunch of the supplies I needed, I picked them up on Friday afternoon, ran by the craft store for the rest and finished this around 2 AM Halloween morning ha ha at least I had it for a day right?!

Our pumpkin.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We woke up and decided to skip some of the work we were going to do that day and ended up going out to lunch with his parents and checked out Winco. That night we just went to our ward trunk or treat instead of going around our neighborhood (we were just going to do a little bit anyways since Carson doesnt care much yet). We ran out of candy fast there, luckily we only brought part of our stash. We combined the candy we got there and the rest of our candy and ran out of candy at home by 8, next year well be more prepared! We had soup bowls and cider for dinner and watched scary movies!

Day at Cabellas

After we went to Cabellas, I went to my friends house to help her organize and decorate her nursury. I got almost everything (just the animal print stuff) at Ross that afternoon, love that place. I still need to go back and bring them our drill so they can hang up a shelf and someday Lacy is going to paint the bookcase (right Lac? ;) ). They originally were doing blue and brown but then switched to jungle print so we incorporated the blue with the jungle print. Can't wait for little Eli to get here!

Garrett had a day off of school for fall break so we went to Tai Pan and then Cabellas.

Ha of course when Carson is smiling, G isn't...

I did the horns on purpose if you can tell what I'm talking about, I didn't know Carson was going to be all cute and smiley though...