Monday, December 22, 2008

Ugly Sweater Party

Here's some sexy pics...

One of the graduates

Super sexy!

Chad and Lacy

Aaron, Marissa, Rachel, Ryan

Natalie and Blake

Emily, Janae, Lacy, Kortney, Me, Natalie (friends from Highschool and USU)

The other graduate

Brett and Garrett

Emily and Kristina

Kortney, Me, Emily, Kristina, Janae

This should be on a Christmas card

Garrett's 25!

It was Garretts birthday last Friday. We went up to Park City for a time share/free night stay on Thursday night. Friday morning we woke up and checked out, then I took G to Ihop for Breakfast (he gets his birthday off at his work...). We went to see Seven Pounds that afternoon, it was such a good movie but really depressing too... :( After that we ate at Texas Roadhouse, then Garrett picked a movie out at Hollywood Video and we went home and watched it. I hope he had a good day because he deserves it! He is such a good hubby!! Thanks for everything you do babe!
(of course all the pictures upload backwards because blogger sucks)

The hotel
At Texas Roadhouse

Garrett and his meat!
They made him sit on this while they sang...

at Ihop

Driving from Park City

The hotel

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quick Update!

Going to see the lights with the Halligans!
Yes, my coat is bursting at the seems, I dont normally zip them up anymore
but Garrett insisted ha I barely fit but was warm!
Some of our Christmas decor...

This year will be remembered as our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree year... It's a long story with why we have this tree but I think we did a good job with its lack of branches and now we love our tree all the same! (the two branches at the top look like reindeer antlers or something ha but we didn't want to cut any branches off since we didnt have too many! )

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a boy!

Most of you know that but I'm just getting around to posting about it! :) The name so far, unofficially, is Carson Garrett Halligan. Who knows though, we still have time to find one we like better so throw ideas at us if you wish!

His lil profile!
We could see it soo good on the screen (pic didnt turn out quite as good though),
I think he has Gs lips and my nose.. ;)He wasn't bashful! Just like his dad!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My birthday! (I'm finally updating a lil.... Stop your whining ;) )

Well I kind of skipped Halloween and Thanksgiving, at one point I realized I had too much to blog about so I just skipped it all! They were good though and refer to Facebook for pictures... ;) Heres some pics of my birthday though! It was a good day! I worked during the day and my folks took me out to lunch at Cafe Rio. Then that night Garrett took me to Outback and then we went to the movies and saw Four Christmases, it was hilarious! It was a really fun night, thanks babe! He is such a good hubby, he had 3 finals the next day but prepared for them in advance so he could take me out! He also treated me to pretty flowers and took me shopping ALL DAY on Saturday for my birthday!! I'm so lucky!

Here's our photo shoot! :)

Look at my pretty flowers!




My lil thug!

FBF's - Fishing Buddies Forever, Bearded

Dallin, Garrett and Aaron