Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wow it's been like a year since I've posted! I don't have much time for blogging so I pretty much eliminated it from my life but very randomly just decided to put pics on and might as well say a few words! We have been busy but good! I lost my job, our main income, back in October (looooong story I always meant to post and never did, old news now). Anyways, we have had many struggles since then but also many blessings and are learning from our situation and have hopes it will be improving soon. We are so grateful for everyone who has been concerned for us and who have helped us in the ways they could, it has meant a lot to us! Anyways, I think I have finally found something that will work well for me to balance being a mom and working. I'm doing bookkeeping for small businesses right now from home, it's nice because I am completely in control of when and where I want to work because they just pay me as a contracted employee and don't expect me to come into their office often because my original ad states I work from home! I've recently had a few other opportunities come up as well and almost had 5 jobs at the same time but decided to simplify, I have a hard time saying no to opportunity, especially when we need the money but I have a tendency to take on too much and it isn't good for our family. I stay busy enough with Carson and the work I am doing now! Garrett got his CNA and is currently looking for a job in that. We are hoping for one at the U of U for a few different reasons... We were able to go to St. George with some friends in February this year! It was a blast and a much needed vaca! My sister owns a home there and so we were able to keep it low cost... Garrett made me creme brulee for Valentine's Day (yum!) and also again a few weeks later for me and some of my girlfriends (he's awesome!!)! Carson is saying lots of words now and running around like the crazy toddler that he is! He has a very independent personality, which I love! He can be so wild and crazy but can also be very sweet and helpful and although sometimes he is too much of a handful, I wouldn't trade it for anything! His favorite things right now are choo choo trains (obsessed), birthday cakes (blowing out the candles and singing "happy birthday to MEEE"), santa (ho-hos), ice (doesn't care how cold his hands get), snow (loves to eat it), going outside, playing with kids (he loooves other kids and is pretty good with them, sometimes he gets feisty with his cousins but usually only because he thinks he's just teasing them), drawing, pretending to be a puppy (this includes playing fetch) running around like a crazy boy as much as possible!! His most common words right now are: choo choo train, me, cookies, drink, treat, mama, dada, go, pull (pulls on our hand and says go, pull), no, baby, book, aight aight (night night), shoes, banana, show (movie), ho-ho (we watch way too many christmas movies for april. I'm sure there's more, seems like he learns a new word everyday. He is also putting together phrases, some we can understand, some we cant. We love our crazy guy and our crazy life! He's drawing on my work papers right now so gotta go!