Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I need to upload pictures but I don't have time now, I'll have to do a bigger post later. I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We love this time of year and are excited to share it with all of our family!
This is from my phone and its really blurry but I thought it was so cute, he looks like such a big boy here!
This is the wreath I made this year.
Carson with Gabby, she's the daughter of my old roommate from Logan, Becka. This is her version of a kiss and his... She's 22 months and only weighs 20 lbs! Carson is so dang heavy... I'm sure he's over 25 lbs now. We just had to upgrade him to size 5 diapers, I thought the size 4 would fit him for a while, doesn't seem long ago that they were roomie on him!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quick shout out from the Hooligans!

We've been busy, like everyone else, but good! Both of our jobs have been keeping us pretty busy lately but we've also had time to enjoy life! I don't have much else to say but here's some pics!
Oh and my birthday has been fantastic! Garrett got up with Carson this morning (he sluffed his morning classes) and brought me mcdonalds breakfast in bed, looooved it! Then he made me a panini for lunch (one of my favs as well!) and then we went to a matinee movie together (Christmas Carol)! He's in class right now but when he gets out he's taking me out AGAIN, what a sweet hubby I've got! Thanks babe, love you!
What a sweetie!

The kitchen cake I made for my almost sister in laws shower. The last shower I threw was a baby shower so I was trying to get back into bridal shower mode and was thinking of what I could do since I couldn't do a diaper cake and then did a kitchen cake, it was fun!

Paige and Caleb's Halligan family shower

Thanks to everyone who helped!!!

Ha yes, he has cleavage...

My 2 favorite boys!

static hair!

Love him!

Waiting in the theatre for New Moon with Paige and Caleb! Loved it!

So excited!

He LOVES bath time!