Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heres the story!

Here it goes, I'm not a good story teller so hope I do ok: From the paper my doc gave us about getting induced, we thought we wouldn't get called in til after 5pm sometime on Thursday night, Garrett was planning on going fishing Thursday morning and everything and I was just planning on finishing some work things up, getting everything ready and doing laundry Thursday day. When they called Wednesday night with more info, she said to have everything ready that night because they could call us as early as 5 am but it could not be til later that night but wed need to be ready to go in whenever that'd be. We were 3rd on the list so it depended how full they got with women coming in that were in labor. I was hoping we got called in the morning but was ok if we spent the day at home relaxing together (G canceled his fishin trip). They called Thursday morning at about 8:15 and told us to be there by 9. It was kind of weird being woken up to that phone call and rushing to get ready and leave but I guess not nearly as weird as if I went into labor naturally... They induced me at about ten or so, I was in labor by 11. I got the epidural sometime in the afternoon and was in enough pain by then to really appreciate it! Love the epidural, its amazing! At about 5pm, I was only dilated to 5cm, I was progressing about 1 cm an hour so we thought we had a ways to go but 20 minutes later my doc checked me and I was 9cm, he went upstairs to do a quick surgery and figured I'd be ready to start pushing when he came down. I started pushing around 7 and Carson arrived at 7:34! I was amazed I didn't have to push for hours. It probably helped that we started our next Rocky movie (Rocky 5) for my Rocky Marathon I've been doing before pushing and it ended while I was pushing! He was 9lbs 8 oz, 22" long and has lots of hair, I was surprised with all of that!

That night we were going to sleep around 2:30 and the nurse came in to check his vitals and offered to take him to the nursery after so we could get some good sleep, I accepted and I'm glad I did. I thought he'd be back soonish to eat but woke up when the nurse came in about an hour and a half later and said he was breathing really fast so she had put him on some oxygen and was calling the pediatrician to see if he should go down to the NICU. Next time she came in and told me he was being transferred to NICU and then the pediatrician came in and talked to us. He said he had some fluid in his lungs and it could be infected, he said it could end up as nothing and he'd be back in our room that afternoon. Turns out he did have a little infection so they said he needed to stay in NICU so they could monitor him, luckily we always knew he would most likely be fine eventually but hated having him down there, especially with him hooked up to an iv, oxygen and then later on a feeding tube, poor lil guy had a rough start! I don't know how NICU parents can do that for long term, its hard and I hated not taking care of him, sometimes it felt like I didnt see him forever between visitors and recovering and everything. Saturday the nurse said he could probably come up to the nursery that afternoon and she was thinking he'd be able to come home Sunday or Monday and just do the 3 day antibiotics. He did come up to the nursery Saturday evening and we loved that we could be with him all the time! Sunday morning the Pediatrician told us that he was going to need the 7 day antibiotic treatments and would need to stay here the whole time, that was kind of a rough start to my first mothers day but once we adjusted to the idea, we were just glad he wasn't in NICU and was with us and it wasn't anything more serious.

So since then we have been fortunate to be able to pay to stay at the hospital as a hotel stay on a night by night basis, its looking like we will be able to stay in this room up until he is released (Thursday night after his 7pm treatment), that has made it much easier. We are loving every minute with our new lil guy and are so glad he's doing so well! We have been so lucky, our family has been so good to us and spoiled Carson rotten!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was going to do a nice long post with the update and the whole story but I keep falling asleep ha so just going to do the update. I did upload a lot more pictures on facebook though so if you have a facebook account, you can at least see more pics (family: all of my pics are on the Walgreens site)!

Carson is doing much better now. They took him off his oxygen and feeding tube yesterday and yesterday evening he was released from NICU and put in the nursery! Yay, we LOVE being able to have him in our room and I hated when he was all hooked up to all those tubes so we are very thankful he's with us now! He will have to do the antibiotic treatment for 7 days so will probably be able to go home on Friday. I was "discharged" yesterday but the hospital allows you to pay for a "hotel stay" if they have enough room, were lucky so far and were able to stay here last night and will tonight, its kind of a day by day thing though, we could kicked out if they get really full and need the room but for now we are just glad we can be with him!

Oh and Happy Mothers Day all you awesome moms out there!

Friday, May 8, 2009

He's here!

Carson Garrett Halligan came on Thursday at 7:34 pm, 9 lbs 8 oz., 22" long (yeah, I can't believe he's that ginormous). He's a cutie! He has lots of long, darker blonde hair! His mohawk is adorable! I'll give a more detailed "birth story" another day but thought I'd put up a quick post.

Also, we would appreciate prayers, Carson started breathing fast early Friday morning and ended up going to Newborn ICU to get oxygen and now he has a feeding tube too because he just wants to sleep... He has an infection in his lungs. He will be ok because it was caught early but will probably have to be there all hooked up for 5-7 days... :( It's sad to see all the tubes coming out of him and have him away from us but were glad it was caught early and hope he gets better soon and can come home!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trick My Trucker...

My trucker!
This is one of the oversize machines Garrett hauls...

His truck, it's a 2009 Kenworth with a Cummins 600 in it (thats really big)!

I know this is kind of a random post since you're all waiting for a baby post but Amy reminded me I was supposed to blog about Garrett's truck so here it is! Garrett works for Salt Lake General Contractors hauling heavy machinery, he has his CDL and everything so he can play with the big boy toys all day! He's really good at what he does and LOVES the toys!

Baby is Getting Evicted!

Well, the baby is getting kicked out whether he wants to or not! I'm getting induced Thursday night so we should have a lil stinker by this weekend (Friday afternoonish prob...). I highly doubt hell decide to make his appearance before then and I'm pretty ok with that, thats kind of what I was planning when I said I thought he'd be late, really late... A few times I got my hopes up and wanted him out but never really thought it'd work! It was nice of Carson to wait for Garretts finals to be over I guess, he's done as of last night. I decided to try the famous "labor pizza" at Cafe Trio last night, mostly out of curiosity because only half of me wanted him to come last night (I can't ever make up my mind if I want him to come earlier than Thursday or not so that probably doesn't help...) but it didn't work for me, bummer. This baby is very comfy in there, sorry to make you all wait! It will make his appearance that much more grand I guess!

Oh and Garrett is planning on going fishing Thursday morning, I wonder if he convinced the baby to wait until after that...? ;)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Some pics of our townhouse so far...

There are still some things we are working on but for those of you that have requested pics, here they are (some rooms aren't done enough yet to take pics of...)!

Guest Bathroom

Oh and yes, still pregnant...