Monday, January 26, 2009

We need renters!

We're trying to get someone to rent our apartment because we are moving before our lease is up. If you know of anyone in need of an apartment, please send them our way! Here are the details:
The apartment is just above ground level. It's right by the creek in the back, probably the best located apartment in the area. It has 1 carport spot and open parking for everyone to share. There is a playground around the back and we have access to the pool at Linden, just down the street. 1,000 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, large family room and large kitchen with a bar and tons of counter space, washer and dryer hook ups, dish washer and air conditioning. Water and Sewer is paid for, the power and gas have never been very much monthly. They're pet friendly as well, we didn't have any pets though so it has been pet free. New carpet, got it less than a year ago. Linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom now but they will do tile before you move in. It's $824.00 a month for a year lease and includes cable. Move in date would be around the beginning of March but we can be flexible with that if you need to move in sooner. Also, I can e-mail more pictures if you'd like. Thanks!

My belly...

Me and Garrett were out of town this last weekend and saw this when we came home. I take it as a sign that we have definitely have out grown our space here and good thing we're moving, it's not a sign that I have too many clothes, like Garrett thought... ;) I just hope it doesnt pull the whole rod off its hinges before we get it fixed or move (Garrett figures we ought to fix it because it won't last very long... I say lets wait and see because I don't want to take all my clothes off the rod til we move...).

Oh and we have people coming to look at our apartment tonight so they will see this. Obviously it's an easy repair though!

Since everyone enjoys so thoroughly fat pics of me, aka preggo pics, here ya go! ;)
This was taken at 25 weeks. I'm 27 this week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a week!

Well in one week we have had some pretty big changes... We got under contract with a town home and that same day Garrett was layed off from his job and a week later, re-hired with a raise!

It's amazing we survived so well and relaxed like now that I look back on it! So I guess I'll start from the beginning... We found a town home in West Valley that we love! It is over twice as big as our apt (we've realized now that a baby is on the way how little space our apt has, mostly because there is NO storage whatsoever) and very comparable monthly payments to how much we pay rent. It doesn't seem like its real yet (even though I already have the whole place designed in my head ;) ). Garrett got layed off from his job the same day. It wasn't a huge shock since the company has been down sizing for a long time but it still shocked us because they love Garrett so much there and I guess we just weren't expecting it unless the company was going down for sure. The company has probably gone from a hundred or two hundred employees to 19 after Garrett left. They cut everyones pay 10% months ago and cut all the supervisors pay more after Garrett got layed off. We had a hard time with accepting it at first because of the town home (especially since they like to have 2 years experience at one job...) and the baby coming and everything but after a while we were able to look at the good from it and were excited for a fresh start for him (even though the economy is horrible for looking for a new job right now!). Everyone at Gs work who had already been layed off called Garrett when they found out he was layed off (he had soo many buddies and everyone looooved him there, his supervisor was all teary eyed telling him) and told him they had cut everyones insurance so we were extremely grateful we could still pay our premium and get it since he was layed off. We have since found out there is maybe more to that story that we don't know and they do still have insurance there. Anyways so the past week Garrett has been unemployed and looking for a job. It's been nice having him home taking care of things a little while I brought in the bacon, I'm going to miss that... ;) So today his work called him and left a message and even called me and were trying to get ahold of him as quick as possible. They told me it was to offer him a position again, I wasn't too excited and figured if they weren't offering insurance we might be better off not accepting it. However, when Garrett spoke with the owner, they told him they wanted him to drive both the transport trucks. The medium load he was doing before and also the heavy load and that since he is part time (with school) it works out well for them even though they aren't as busy as they once were. Also, since he is doing the heavy load truck, he asked if he got paid more and so he got a raise too! Once we found out all of that and that we'd still have insurance, we still debated it but figured why not, if the company goes down and he gets layed off again, at least things will work out with our town home and it can't be any worse than when he was just barely layed off. At least now we know we can handle it! So there's the long story for ya'all. Some of you knew most or parts of it and this is probably news to many of you, we aren't always good at keeping people updated... Sorry for the long post!! As for everything else, we're doing great! Carson is kicking my guts out, even though they aren't super strong yet and I guess pretty soon here we'll be getting ready to pack up our things and move into more space! It's funny that the town home isn't huge at all but will seem like a mansion to us! Oh and one of these days I'll take a good belly shot and post it....

Friday, January 9, 2009


Better late than never right? Our Christmas was great! Christmas Eve we went to the extended Halligan family party then right over to the Jacobson party. Christmas day, Garrett kept waking up every couple hours and when I woke up for a second at like 5:30 he sat straight up and checked the time, I knew then we were going to be opening presents earlier than we thought. So we got up, opened all our presents and hung out for a couple hours, then G ran to the store to get some milk for our breakfast and we went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later. It actually worked out great! We loved staying home all day on Christmas! My parents came by for a little bit to check out our stuff and then later that night we went out to Garrett's parents house and exchanged gifts and had a big ping pong tournament. We had a perfect Christmas this year!!

All our presents...
I feel guilty, we spoiled each other way too much...
We love shopping for each other and playing Santa!
At the Halligan extended party:

Isabelle being a stinker... ;)

Zack showing me where his candy cane is hiding in his pocket

Gma Trane sitting on Santa
At the Jacobson party:
Sadie was Garrett's lil buddy all night,
she kept coming up to him and sitting on his lap all night! It was so cute!

Even Carson got spoiled by our families!

The chaos
The princesses, they loooved the Princess dress-ups they got!

Brandi or Travis had Garrett's name for Christmas
(Garrett had Travis so they just went to Cabellas and picked stuff out). Garrett said he was excited for some of Brandi's famous wrapping and so she decided to go all the way with his and wrapped every individual little fishing lure and even put gold fish in the box!! Everyone was getting kind of bored watching Garrett open his present becaues it took forever but Garrett loved it!
His fishies, he says he can use them for bait... :(

Sadie and Brody were fascinated with all his fishing stuff and the fishies...
Me with some of my present from Bon (my mom)

We don't have a fish bowl so the fishies are in pitchers! (yes I'll wash them very good before we use them again)
Garrett modeling his Christmas Eve jammies

These were our big surprises to each other...
Garrett, just realizing what his surprise was

He loved it!
It is still next to our bed and he always picks "her" up and just plays with her in the mornings.
Testing out one of his presents

Modeling some of my presents
My surprise from G, he did good! I didn't even know I wanted one but I love it now, my jewelry was all over our dresser and it was a mess...
Garrett's loot from Santa and others.
Yes, we still put all of our stuff out in a pile and take pictures... We're such kids!! :)

Garrett playing with his new fishing stuff on Christmas
My loot from Santa and others

Me organizing my new jewelry box

Us in front of our tree on Christmas!
At the Halligans Christmas night:
Princess Grandma rockin' out with Princess Isabelle

Princess Isabelle
Caleb and Paige

Hope everyone else had as good a Christmas as us!