Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun stuff we've been doing!

Memorial Day at East Canyon

Indoor Picnic

Went out of town for our 3rd anniversary to the Browns Cabin, thanks guys!

"Hike"/picnic in the mountains!


Jewls said...

He's so cute, I love that hat!

Rachael said...

Happy 3 years to you! The Brown's cabin is a lot of fun, huh? I'm glad you had a good time celebrating! Carson is so cute, hard to believe he is already a year old.

Janae said...

Haha that last picture is my favorite. He is so kick back in his chair and just is loving life!

codymarie said...

Could your kid be any cuter? Seriously. Love the hat!!

Jamie said...

that little carson is just getting so big! what a cutie!