Monday, March 22, 2010

Wee lil Leprachauns

Yummy, green waffles! Unnaturally green food doesn't look very appetizing at all but it sure tasted good!

He really is Irish too, wish I was!

My lil Irish Leprachauns lol

The lil crawler aka Carszilla


Kristin said...

he is so dang cute!! i can't believe how big he is!!!

Brandi said...

I think Carson will amaze all of us when we watch him eat as a teenager! We love that big guy!

Ashley, Nick, and Breklyn said...

Wow, you are ambitious! I barely managed to get Brekke in a green shirt on St. Patrick's. Don't tell me how bad crawling will be...right now it *sounds* appealing not to carry her all the time. Carson is such a cutie pie!