Monday, May 12, 2008

Our weekend!

We had such a fun weekend! Friday, Garrett went on a fathers sons outing with his dad and brothers. I was sad to be away from Garrett but as soon as I found out he would be gone, immediately planned to scrapbook all night! I ended up going over to my mom's house, she practically has a scrapbook store there! We stayed up til about 2:30 scrapbooking. I slept at my apartment alone that night and Garrett really spoiled me this weekend, he somehow snuck a soft Gorilla (to replace him that night and keep me warm) and a card and candy bar onto our bed and he was only gone one night! Saturday, I slept in, did laundry, pampered myself a bit and took care of some things until Garrett came home. That night we went to my brothers house for the Jacobson Mother's Day party. We had Alice Springs Chicken, yummy! We played volleyball, it was hilarious and so fun! Sunday, Garrett got up early and made me breakfast in bed! I know I'm not a mom yet, but he is still such a sweetheart! We fell asleep after breakfast, oops, so we were late for church. That afternoon we went to Aunt Rachels for the Halligan Mother's Day party. Grandma Trane, think she's 88 now, wanted me to swing with her! Then we teeder tottered (spelling?) too! She's so funny! Then everyone played Go Fish and Old Maid. Garrett pampered me more that night and gave me a pedicure. Soaked my feet, rubbed them with lotion, etc. He is the best ever! I hope all of the moms out there had a great Mothers Day! We are very blessed to have some awesome moms in our life!

Now we are so excited because we leave for California this Wednesday!!