Monday, December 22, 2008

Garrett's 25!

It was Garretts birthday last Friday. We went up to Park City for a time share/free night stay on Thursday night. Friday morning we woke up and checked out, then I took G to Ihop for Breakfast (he gets his birthday off at his work...). We went to see Seven Pounds that afternoon, it was such a good movie but really depressing too... :( After that we ate at Texas Roadhouse, then Garrett picked a movie out at Hollywood Video and we went home and watched it. I hope he had a good day because he deserves it! He is such a good hubby!! Thanks for everything you do babe!
(of course all the pictures upload backwards because blogger sucks)

The hotel
At Texas Roadhouse

Garrett and his meat!
They made him sit on this while they sang...

at Ihop

Driving from Park City

The hotel